Cold Steel 7" GI Tanto Knife

Posted: March 24, 2015
Cold Steel 7" GI Tanto Knife
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I say, why have a small child when you can have a knife the size of a small child instead? Seems like at least 988 people agree with me, which is how many Amazon reviews Cold Steel's GI Tanto has so far. Average rating: 4-1/2 stars. And that's out of 5, not 100 like my quarterly performance review.

The GI Tanto is a 12" tactical knife with a broad point, integral crossguard, and Polypropylene handle scales. Its blade measures a full 7" long and has been ground from 1055 carbon steel. The GI Tanto has a hard spring temper and a black protective coating to resist rust. Cold Steel calls it "heavy, sharp and wonderfully balanced," for throwing either by the blade or the handle. Reviewer Gloworm calls it "ugly, sure," but also "a LOT of knife for the money."

For survival or self-defense, convert to the GI Tanto to a spear or war club by removing its handle scales and lashing the blade to a wooden shaft. The knife comes with a Cold Steel Secure-Ex sheath.

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