Blade Driver Crossbow

Posted: April 30, 2012

Ornery watermelons, prepare to meet your fate. Tactical tinkerer, and Laser Glove creator, Patrick Priebe's Blade Driver crossbow launches whirling buzz saws at all deserving targets, but especially those that are mealy, not ripe enough to serve as an adequate vodka sponge, or "seedless" only up to the point that a stowaway black nugget of pain cracks one of my fillings.

The Blade Driver pinpoints its sweet spots with a searing 30mW green DPSS laser sight, and when the multi-laser spring steel bow shoots its proverbial load, a 50 x 0.8 mm toothy steel blade spins and slices through the air as if thrown by the hand of Chuck Norris. Buzz saw projectiles garner their trajectory from a 6000 RPM electric motor and the raw passion of the (safe and kindhearted) fingers carressing the crossbow's exotic wood grip.

Devastating as the news may be, we have to report to everyone hauling out their credit cards and Tactical Bleeding Zombie Targets that the Blade Driver has already been adopted into a loving home. Well, "adopted" in the sense that it was sold to the highest bidder. And at this time, Priebe is unwilling to produce plans and schematics for crossbow replication. Tutorials aren't in the pipeline either. You can, however, pick his brain and shower him with Duuudes of praise on his Facebook page.

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