Benthic Knife

Posted: November 17, 2013
Benthic Knife
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Five seconds into a look through Triangle Krav Maga's Website and Facebook photo stream and two things become abundantly clear: these cats do not F around; and I would like an application to become one of them. After all, if versed in the kind of situational, real-life, scare the ever-loving shalom out of me counter-attack training TKM appears to offer, I'm pretty sure I could take down anything from an incensed warthog to zombified Jon Jones to Kirstie Alley making a play for the last 5 pieces of double chocolate caramel Oreo cheesecake at the Old Country Buffet.

Also, Triangle Krav Maga makes--and schools its grasshoppers in the application of--some pretty rad self-defense gear. The Benthic Knife emerges from a TKM trademark self-defense method. Its design inspiration comes from the ancient Kunai, particularly the blunt end's ring, which its creators say assists users in retaining the knife during combat.

Additional Benthic Knife specs and features include:

  • Ceracoat coating--the same rust-resistant, nano-tech compound used on firearms.
  • Pronounced jimping, intended to provide texture for a forward sabre grip, plus serve as a rough cutting edge.
  • A bottlecap end above the Kunai ring for striking.
  • Forked, dual-entry blade to increase damage when applied. According to TKM, "exponentially."

Benthic knives come with a concealed carry Kydex sheath, plus a "Butter Knife" for dull training. Though TKM points out even it can be used as an impact weapon. All Benthic products are made in and near the Triangle region of North Carolina, where Triangle Krav Maga resides and breeds masters of hand-to-hand fighting.

Thanks to Michael M. for the Dude Product Tip.

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