Baseball Bat Flashlight

Posted: November 11, 2012
$21.66 - $77.10
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A swing and a miss no more. Not with 400 Lumens of LED light pouring from the tip of your baseball bat. Available in compact, but business-takin'-care-of 15-1/2", and say-goodbye-to-the-bones-in-your-face 23-1/2" models*, the LED Baseball Bat Flashlight will illuminate both your path in the night and the precise bodily surface on which you should wallop your attacker to take him (or her--you never know these days) down. Keep one in the car, one in the nightstand, one in a backpack, and one in the big honkin' purses girls carry around these days. Seriously, ladies, what is up with those purses? And why do you always give me dirty looks when I ask if you have Mary Poppins' coat rack and rubber Ficus tree in there? I think it's a legitimate question. One that you could now respond to with a brandishing of your LED Baseball Bat Flashlight to let me know I should just crawl back to the cave from whence I came.

Dudes, if you already have your weaponized baseball hat, the next logical step is to add a bat to your America's Favorite Pastime collection of self defense tools. The LED flashlight runs on 3 size C batteries for a burn time of 4-1/2 hours and effective range of 450 feet. Its aluminum casing has been weatherproofed, but should not be used in underwater battles with Krakens. Though a baseball bat in appearance and pursuits of personal protection, it also probably should not be used to hit actual baseballs.

October 2013 Update: The original LED flashlight we featured is currently sold out. Pricing and link information below leads to similar models sold by a different vendor.

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