Airsoft Grenade Launcher

Posted: March 02, 2014
Airsoft Grenade Launcher

Maybe you'd rather your 6-pack attack come from the real one--the M-32 multiple grenade launcher Mach Machowicz once demoed on Future Weapons--but you'll probably get yourself into a lot less trouble with the po and your mom with this Airsoft ICS GLM version. Probably. Like I always tell my friend Cornelius, just be smart dude. Keep the grenade launches on the field of battle and leave the neighbor's urban chicken coop alone. Even when the hens are really noisy. Even when you're really stoned. And really hungry. And think you've just had a really, really good idea.

Airsoft's ICS GLM is a full-size, 6-round revolving grenade launcher. A beast to behold and a beast during attack, it can house up to 6, 40mm Airsoft grenade shells in its metallic chambers. As the GLM's cylinder rotates with every shot, its beastitude grows--not only can this thing launch grenades, but it can unload them by the half dozen like a gargantuan revolver.

GLM frames are made of an impact-resistant polymer and incorporate a fully integrated rail system for the addition of grips, lasers, flashlights, and top-rail optics to grenade-launching ventures. The included tactical ergonomic vertical foregrip is removable for those who prefer to use their own. A 6-point L.E. carbine-style rear stock adjusts to 3 different angles to accommodate shooter comfort while standing, crouching, or crawling.

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