.68 Caliber Paintball Pistol

Posted: August 11, 2013
.68 Caliber Paintball Pistol
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Tippmann calls their TiPX a "true military-style paintball pistol", which is cool, but also surprises me because I have always been under the impression that the military uses guns that fire real bullets. Compact, lightweight, and capable of shooting .68 caliber pellets in semi-automatic fashion, the TiPX counts itself a fine solo marker or tactical backup sidearm during battle. Reviewers seem to agree--at printing the pistol had a solid 5-star rating from all 17 of of its Amazon reviewers. Specific comments include:

  • "i was using my friends tpx and the kids thought they where going to wreck me, when the game started i ran to the first dorito and the both stayed at the nearest bunker (they where both at the same one :L ) and i ran up and bunkered them whithin the first minute of the game, they where shocked and told the ref i cheated somehow (they thought i wasn't allowed to get that close to them) but the ref laughed and said i won and explained rules to them." [Editor's note: Comments have been copied verbatim, without proofing for spelling, grammar, or punctuation. Also, editor loves that a paintball battle structure has been named after the planet's best potato chip.]
  • "This was the best buy i ever had, it's like a desert eagle and it's fire rate is nice along with it being loud as hell."
  • "a lot of games I will play with only the tipx. I love the challenge of going up against guys with electro markers and pegging them right in the dome. nothing is more satisfying than fireing one well placed shot right onto the head of a fully decked out speedball player with a pistol."
  • "Despite repeated warnings from my mom, I purchased this pistol and immediately shot my eye out. Oh well. Patches are sexy."

TiPX .68 caliber paintball pistols fire with the assistance of a 12 gram CO2 air system. Effective firing range is over 150 feet, and weight is 1 lb 11 oz. Additional features include an under-barrel Picatinny rail, external velocity adjuster, clear ammo windows, removable barrel with X7 threads, the ability to add a remote line, and a foam-lined hard shell carry case. Available in colors Black, Desert Tan, and Olive. Two 7-ball True-Feed paintball magazines also come with the package.

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