Sleepy Sleeves Wearable Arm Pillow

Posted: July 12, 2022
Sleepy Sleeves Wearable Arm Pillow
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I don't wear my heart on my sleeve, I wear my nap on my sleeve. The Sleepy Sleeves Wearable Arm Pillow is an alternative to neck pillows and giant ostrich heads for travelers and tuckered-out workers eager to grab some shut-eye on whatever surface lies beneath them. An oblong memory foam cushion sewn into a slip-on cotton sleeve, the Sleepy Sleeves brings portable, discreet (call it Sneaky Sleeves at work!) comfort to your sleepy time pursuits.

Sleepy Sleeves points out their Arm Pillows are also helpful for new parents, adding comfort to the hours of baby-holding they will now be partaking in.

Sleepy Sleeves Wearable Arm Pillows come in Black, Grey, Blue, Pink, Purple, Mint, and Teal colors.

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