Sports Car Flip Phone

Posted: October 23, 2021
Sports Car Flip Phone
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Oh yeah, dudes, it's a Sports Car Flip Phone, and it comes fully loaded. Slots for, not one, but two SIM cards. And it can automatically switch between them to support all of your shady Sports Car Flip Phone dealings. And that's only the beginning.

This bad boy in blue also has full SMS function through its T9 touch-button panel, and full-color on its 1" x 2" screen. A camera, you ask? Why, yes. The Sports Car Flip Phone indeed has a camera, probably something around 0.3MP, so no need to bring a backup on vacation!

Need a calendar? Need a calculator? Need an alarm clock? Vroom, vroom, baby, they're all built ready to roll right inside the Sports Car Flip Phone's chassis.

And if you don't like the flipper's sexy blue hue, it also comes in white and black.

True dumb phone diehards who don't want a cheesy Hot Wheels pressed up against their ear can also go old school with Nokia's 20th anniversary release of the 6310 brick phone.

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