Severed Zombie Hand Phone Mount

Posted: October 15, 2016
Severed Zombie Hand Phone Mount
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February 2017 Update: We have received some complaints from readers who purchased the Zombie Hand Phone Mount, but never received it, and are having trouble communicating with its seller. We recommend checking out our comments section below for some reviews prior to making your own purchase of this product.

I slay zombies. I hack off their hands as trophies. I use those trophies to instill fear in all--living, dead, or undead--who would cross me. And also to hold the Waze app on my phone at eye level when I don't know where I'm going. I always miss my turn when I have to keep looking down!

Remember JOTHINGS' Phone Claw? Now Jon is adding to his line of functional severed beast parts with the Zombie Hand Phone Mount you see here, plus this console version with a charger mount. Dismembered members are made of an ultra-flexible polymer that can stretch both without breaking, and without losing its firm grip on your phone. Though this is also somewhat dependent on your following the recommended brain feeding schedule so the hand doesn't starve and desiccate. I know. Almost as tedious as having a plant. Or a kid.

Jon sculpts all zombie phone mount gory details and aberrations--you guessed it--by hand. The windshield attachment has a flexible wire suction cup mount that can adjust to any viewing angle, plus rotate 360 degrees for portrait or landscape viewing. The zombie hand with charger mount has a ball joint for angle adjustment, and includes both a cigarette lighter charger so you don't take up the port with the holder, and a 2A USB phone charging port.

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