Phone Umbrella - Anti-Glare Sunshade for Smartphones

Posted: April 04, 2022
Phone Umbrella - Anti-Glare Sun Shade for Smartphones
$19.74 - $21.99
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Anti-glare sunshades for smartphones are becoming the new, like, face masks for humans. I'm seeing them everywhere now, in an array of styles and colors and...OK, fine. I've seen 2 anti-glare sunshades for smartphones. This one, the Phone Umbrella, and the Shadey, an accordion-fan-style UV blocker, rather than one that looks like a wee little brolly.

The Phone Umbrella may or may not serve your rays-eschewing needs as you text and TikTok this spring and summer, but as its maker rightly points out, the real purpose of umbrella sunshade for your damn phone is to be "cute and funny." These Phone Umbrellas come in a handful of different colors and designs, all fitting that bill.

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