Shadey Universal Smartphone Shade

Posted: February 08, 2022
Shadey Universal Smartphone Shade
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The Shadey universal smartphone shade: because I get enough glares from my wife for having my head buried in my phone in public; I don't need the sun's glare piled on top.

Taking inspiration from a collapsible hand fan, the Shadey unfolds in an arc above and around your phone (or similar device) to expand its surface area and create a barrier between your screen and the sun. The Shadey both eliminates glare, and keeps direct, blinding rays out of your eyes. Oh, and its method of attachment? A simple suction cup.

Somebody had a bright idea with this one.

The Shadey is designed to hold the weight of any phone or handheld gaming device without detaching. In addition to suctioning it on to read and browse at the pool, beach, or other sunny outdoor space, you can use the Shadey as a selfie accessory, to keep the sun at bay and the squints out of your photos.

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