nexpaq Modular Smartphone Case

Posted: April 30, 2015
$89 - $109
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Since we're still waiting for a modular cell phone to emerge from the Sea of Google, nexpaq proposes that in the interim we...wait...but hopefully for less time...for their forthcoming modular cell phone case. Customizable and compatible across platforms*, the nexpaq case proposes to "supercharge" your smartphone with the likes of additional memory, battery capacity, speaker amplification, sensors, and sharks with frikkin' laser beams!

OK, just a laser pointer.

The nexpaq consists of a series of physical modules users can add and remove directly from the back of the case without taking it off or powering down their phones. At printing nexpaq had about a dozen different modules developed, including:

  • Battery Power. The nexpaq case itself comes with 1000mAh of battery power to supply to all of its modules, plus add extra juice to your phone. The Battery Power module provides an additional 30% charge so, combined, the case can give your phone 90% more life between charges.
  • Amplified Speaker. Blast your phone 30% to 60% louder without compromising sound quality.
  • Super LED Flashlight.
  • SD Card Reader. More memory! More downloads! Access instantly with any SD card you have/can buy over the counter.
  • Temperature & Humidity. Sensor module.
  • Hot Keys. Set up shortcuts to access buttons and functions on your phone faster.
  • USB Flash. For fast file swapping. 32GB and 64GB modules available.
  • Air Quality. Another sensor module. Know if the air is unsafe.
  • Breathalyzer. Another sensor module. Know if you are unsafe.
  • Laser.
  • Backup. A 64GB hard drive.
  • Dummy. Fills in the leftover module spots.

nexpaq plans to continue developing new phone modules, as well as build an open platform so users can think up and churn out their own. Interested? Pledge for your nexpaq case on Kickstarter through May 30, 2015.

*nexpaq's initial design fits iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and Samsung Galaxy S5, though the company intends to expand that cast. The case will also be compatible across iOS and Android platforms, as well as easily transferred from phone to phone should you decide to change or upgrade.

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