Washing Machine Aquarium

Posted: September 27, 2021
Washing Machine Aquarium

I always thought the fishiest thing about washing machines was how they regularly eat my socks. But, hey, here's a Washing Machine Aquarium. A clothes washer full of fish. And once again, the Dude is proven wrong.

At least this time it's the internet, not my wife, behind the proving.

New Wave Aquarium Concepts repurposed the washing machine into a waterlife habitat as a display piece for a Miele store in Aachen, Germany. In addition to its visual dazzle and charm, the Washing Machine Aquarium "boasts maximum functionality" with an integrated internal filter and lighting, and a replicated riverbank setting.

New Wave Aquarium Concepts have installed one type of moss and 9 different aquatic plant species in a base of substrate, rocks, and bogwood. Freshwater creatures include CPO crayfish and related stock.

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