ShadyPaws Portable Pet Shade

Posted: July 07, 2019
ShadyPaws Foldable Travel Pet Shade
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Take a break from social media and throw some shade your dog's way. Some good shade. Some UPF 50++ ShadyPaws shade. The ShadyPaws Portable Pet Shade combines elements of a folding chair with those of a sun umbrella to create a travel shelter for your pooch (or cat, or mini pig) that will help protect him or her from searing light, heat, and UV rays of the sun.

You can set up ShadyPaws on the ground or on furniture at the beach, park, pool, or a restaurant patio (oh boy, rich ladies who lunch in LA!) and use its swivel canopy to shield your beloved furball from the worst of the sun's onslaught. The canopy is also water resistant, and its canvas back and bottom covers snap on and off for cleaning.

The back of the ShadyPaws pet shade has hook and loop fastener pockets for storing other pet gear, such as treats and bags. The foldable travel set also comes with a carry bag, sand spikes, and recliner straps.

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