ROVERLUND Airline Compliant Pet Carrier & Car Seat

Posted: November 06, 2022
ROVERLUND Airline Compliant Pet Carrier & Car Seat
$159 - $169
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ROVERLUND says their award-winning pet carriers, airline compliant for in-cabin travel, and multi-tasking as car seats and mobile dog / cat beds, come in sizes Small and Large. But really they come in sizes Small and Smaller. If your pup isn't a puppy anymore, and you have a breed that weighs over 20 pounds, or if your kitty is a fatty like my mama's neighbor's cat Willard, a ROVERLUND isn't going to help you and your pet rove much.

But! If you recently got an 8-week-old mini sheepadoodle, an 8-year-old Pomeranian, or a cat of normal size, ROVERLUND's line of pet carriers could be terrific companions to yours. In addition to sporting attractive colorways and bright rope shoulder straps that double as a leash, the soft-sided totes have a pair zippered doors on the top and one end, plus a zippered storage pocket on the other. The pocket has an insert to provide structure during car travel or naptime, but you can take it out to conform better to the space under the seat when traveling on airplanes. ROVERLUND carriers also have attached carabiners for latching poop bag carriers or keys, and come with removable fleece-lined pet beds.

Size Small ROVERLUND carriers are suitable for dogs up to 12.5 pounds, and "Large" carriers for those up to 20. A great gift for the pet lover.

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