Petvation Automatic Pet Door with Facial Recognition

Posted: June 10, 2022
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That's it, Petvation, it was one thing when the government was coming for me with their facial recognition technology, but my cat is where I draw the line! Leave Zanzibar out of this! ... Though, I mean, an automatic pet door that uses AI to recognize your specific cat or dog to let them - and only them - in and out of the house is a pretty snazzy idea.

Petvation was designed as a way to give your kitty cats and pupper dogs access between your yard (or, in the case of the latter, the entire outdoor world) and house, without giving every other pet, and wild animal, and intruder, in the neighborhood the same. It uses machine learning to perform facial recognition, drawing from an existing database to determine if the animal approaching its 2 sets of high-resolution infrared cameras is a cat or dog.

Like Face ID on your smartphone, the Petvation door slides open only when it recognizes an approved furry face. All images the device takes are stored and processed within it, so no internet connection is needed, and data won't be uploaded online without your consent.

You can use the Petvation cameras to monitor the area around your pet door too; they have 120-degree wide-angle lenses on each side, which connect to the Petvation app. Through the app, you can also create rules and settings, controlling whether or not the pet door is locked, and your pet is able to go in / out regardless of facial recognition.

The Petvation Automatic Pet Door is 21.3" tall x 15.6" wide, and made of an aluminum alloy material. Learn more about its specs and features, and pledge for one of your own, here on Kickstarter through July 1, 2022.

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