Pet Gazebo Dog Kennel

Posted: August 14, 2019
Pet Gazebo Dog Kennel
$117.49 - $459.99
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Dog life in the kennel gets an upgrade with the Pet Gazebo. Well, an upgrade for the humans who have to look at a cage in their backyard or living room, anyway. Advantek's foldable pet dens provide a more "modern" solution to traditional crates via octagonal walls and an umbrella roof with included waterproof cover.

Pet Gazebos come in 3', 4', 5', and 8' diameters for all sizes of pooch, or pairs of pooches. You can also purchase extra gates and connect multiple Pet Gazebos to make your favorite quadruped a luxury - albeit maximum security lockdown - home.

Pet Gazebos set up and break down in a few minutes. Features include a drop-down window for putting in / taking out food and water dishes, and giving your pup a scritch, and a latching door that "will foil even the most advanced escape artists." So keep that in mind for your kids too.

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