Patriotic Duck Diaper

Posted: July 04, 2014
Patriotic Duck Diaper

Did you know that poultry cannot be potty trained? Of course you did. It's why your pet duck Precious keeps peeing on your couch and quacking out poos on every rug in the house. Not to mention that, despite every movie, cartoon, and Animal Planet special you've seen depicting ducks marching in neat little rows in the wild, when you try to take your feathered friend for a walk it's complete pandemonium! Chaotic flapping, zigzagging waddles, feathers everywhere. Your duck needs a diaper. And a harness. And preferably an apparatus that serves as both. And especially preferably one that is patriotic in its design, and pays homage to the stars and stripes. Because whether it's Independence day or a random hump day in October, the fact that we in the United States have access to deluxe diaper harnesses for full-grown ducks, handmade and custom-sized by Nettie and Alex of PartyFowl reminds us nothing if not this: America. Fuck yeah.

Duck diapers and harnesses can also be sewn to fit geese, chickens, and other household poultry that might do something on your coffee table other than sit there inanimately waiting for you to eat it. PartyFowl's unique "suits" stretch along bodies and over tail feathers, loop around necks, and buckle with adjustable straps to ensure proper fit. The straps connect to a pouch that sits directly under the duck's cloaca, or urination/defecation hole, and is big enough to hold half a disposable baby diaper for liquid absorption and solid entrapment. The pouch is accessible for diaper swapping without removing the entire harness. Obviously, they can get wet and are washable.

The Patriotic Duck Diaper is a top Dude Gift for the Pet Lover pick.

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