Mermaid Dog Life Vest

Posted: April 28, 2018
Mermaid Dog Life Vest
$23.99 - $26.99
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ArrrRawrrrArrrooooo! It's the siren song of the mermaid dog. The merdog, that majestic creature of the sea, paddling and panting 'round the water in her iridescent scaled life vest with all the elegance and grace of a mythical siren. Or in that French bulldog's case, maybe more like Roseanne Barr with a swim noodle.

For pet owners who want to protect their doggos from the unpredictability of bodies of water, and also make them look like a chump sparkly and even more adorable than they already are, this dog life vest comes shaped and colored like the tail of a byoo-tee-ful mermaid. The vest boasts "strong buoyancy" with extra padding and a chin float to keep the pup's head above the water. It also has quick-release buckles for easy put on / take off, and a handle on top so you can grab, move, or pick up your dog if she tries to dive down to join the rest of her mercanine kind.

Mermaid dog life vests come in sizes medium, large, and XL, and are made of pearl cotton foam with reflective stripes.

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