Iron Throne Cat Bed

Posted: August 30, 2017
Iron Throne Cat Bed
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Is your cat the rightful heir to the FELIRON THRONE? A bright spot in my week of Game of Thrones withdrawal (2019? 2019?!) Kate Agafonova's Iron Throne Cat Bed invites kitties from all families - royals, wardens, lords and ladies, and peasants alike - to take a snooze on its cushy, sword-surrounded seat.

Agafonova says she got the idea for her Iron Throne Cat Bed from a customer, but you and I and my cat Zanzibar all know it was the tabby in that photo who demanded it. After watching the Season 7 GoT finale, he decided he was a legit purebred too. That blue-eyed Siamese be damned!

The cat bed is decorated in silver-painted plastic swords, and comes with both light and dark gray bed pillows. Dimensions are 17" deep x 24" wide x 31" tall, perfect for any size Tarkittyen deserving of the Iron Throne.

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