Hobbit Hole Pet & Play Houses

Posted: June 16, 2013
Hobbit Hole Pet & Play Houses
$1,295 - $2,495
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Officially made and sold as Hobbit Hole chicken coops (or scale-mail-clad guinea pig coops! The uprising, it is all coming together!) these Lord of the Rings-inspired homes for the yard also serve as dog houses or kiddie playhouses for ridiculous people who desire to spend inordinate sums of money on their pets and children. It's reasonable to do this for a flock of flightless birds because at least dropping a couple of Gs on a chicken coop returns a bounty of eggs and fried dinners.

Shire abodes range in size from 10 to 32 square feet of interior floor space. The latter was in fact designed specifically for hobbit-sized humans, and has a ceiling height of 4'10". All dwellings plucked from Middle-Earth include:

  • A removable linoleum floor insert and removable litter board at the base of the rear door for easy cleaning when chickens, dogs, or 3-year-olds take a dump in them.
  • A round front door and windows.
  • A vented roof ridge and front and rear windows that open for ventilation. Again, for use when chickens, dogs, or 3-year-olds take a dump in them.
  • Adequate perch space.
  • Exterior nest boxes for easy egg retrieval. Wouldn't it be weird if people laid eggs? Would you eat them? Do you think there would be PSAs and bumper stickers from Pro- and Anti-egg consumption groups supporting/protesting this act as the individual's choice/form of human cannibalism?

Hobbit Hole designs are also up for custom requests, upgrades, and modifications. Prices will vary accordingly.

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