Glow-in-the-Dark Dog Collar

Posted: June 28, 2012
glowdoggie Dog Collar
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A HALO LED Sport Belt for man, a Glowdoggie LED Collar for man's best friend. The Glowdoggie, a sturdy, German-engineered, 100% waterproof dog collar, helps keep pooches visible or easy to spot in the dark, and when frolicking through areas of mud, water, and snow too beastly for owner accompaniment. The Glowdoggie's tube design contains all of its parts internally, so there are no dangling battery packs or power switches. Collars alight when their battery sections are rotated downward, and turn off 45 seconds after they are rotated back up. Installation around canine necks is via the ol' slip-on maneuver.

Glowdoggies are warrantied to be bastions of durability and money not thrown down the drain for at least 2 years, though actual life expectancy spans many more. Their Superflux LEDs are rated for 150,000 hours of use. And although ravers will be disappointed to hear the LEDs in Glowdoggie collars do not have a strobe or flash setting, this news should please epileptics and the dogs themselves, whose exposure to such pulsations has been known to trigger seizures and neuroticism.

Glowdoggies have 3 tiers of pricing, reflective of the types of batteries used, and brightness of glow. The $49.99 rate is for the Classic version. Classic+, which uses newly-developed AAA battery packs, runs $52.99, and the Ultra, with rechargeable batteries and an LED glow output booster, costs $64.99.

Note: Glowdoggies are not intended to serve as dog restraints, and should not have leashes attached to them, lest collar destruction is the goal.

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