Ferret Hoodie

Posted: September 05, 2019
Ferret Hoodie
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A Ferret Hoodie! Problem solved! Now everyone will know your pet ferret is just as casual, chill, and stoned as you are. However, it is definitely not a piece of ferret fashion suitable for Mr. Kimble's little polecat buddy.

According to hoodie maker Marshall, the tiny red sweatshirt "enables ferrets to be heard outside of the cage." Yeah, I don't really know how that works either, but I do know that being able to hear the ferret would have helped Bad Dude Crisp avoid getting bit in the neck by it during the all-hell-breaks-loose scene in Kindergarten Cop, and that would have been a game changer for the Kimble-Crisp standoff we'd all been waiting for.

So. Naked ferrets are better for LAPD officers going undercover as kindergarten teachers, but ferrets in hoodies may be better for ferret owners who want to deck out their pets, and make friends go Squee! at the weaselly cuteness.

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