Dog Car Seat Hammock with Zipline

Posted: August 02, 2023
Dog Car Seat Hammock with Zipline
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Whoa, Pet Adventure, this is quite the canine contraption. I've seen protective dog car seat covers before, and I've seen dog car seat hammocks before. I've even seen backseat dog ziplines before. But this. This incorporates all of them. And boy does it look like it.

The 3-in-1 Dog Car Seat Cover consists of:

  1. A 5-layer waterproof and scratch-proof cover with anti-slip netting;
  2. Hammock flaps on all sides that loop over headrests or hook to grab handles;
  3. A horizontal strap that also hooks to the grab handles to create a zipline that prevents your dog from jumping into the front seat, but gives him full reign of the back.

Additionally, the front portion of the hammock has a storage pouch and a mesh window in it, the latter so your pup can still see you in the front seat, and also enjoy better airflow / access to blower vents in the back. The zipline is adjustable to fit various backseat widths, and includes two seatbelt-secured leashes you can attach to the zipline, and then clip to your dog's harness.

The seat cover is easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum, and is also machine washable. Its size is universal, designed to fit most cars, with a few different setup options.

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