Cuddle Clones - Realistic Stuffed Versions of Your Pet

Posted: December 20, 2018
Cuddle Clones - Realistic Stuffed Versions of Your Pet
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Let me get this straight, Cuddle Clones. I send you photos and details about my cat Zanzibar, and you spend 4 to 6 weeks hand-turning them into a stuffed animal? So that I will then have one cat that walks on my face while I sleep, pukes up his cat innards on my Xbox, and nudges me to pet him, and then spontaneously and aggressively claws me when he decides he's done being petted; and a second cat that looks exactly like the first cat, but commits none of these injustices towards me, and in fact wants nothing from me at all except for the occasional cuddle? Which will really only benefit me?


Is it possible to send you Zanzibar himself to be Cuddle Cloned, and for you to just send me the Clone back at the end?

Cuddle Clones transform any real pet you've got - dog, cat, rabbit, tarantula - into an adorable, highly realistic plush toy. The process takes several weeks, and all stuffed animals are handmade based on photos you upload of your pet, and unique characteristics about him or her you report with the submission. You can also choose how you want your Cuddle Clone positioned.

If stuffed animals aren't your thing, Cuddle Clones also do slippers, golf club covers, ornaments, figurines, and earrings versions of your best furry friend. Though pricey, a Cuddle Clone would be the cat's meow if you're looking for a gift for a pet lover and don't want to pooch it.

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