Coyote Face Pet Harness

Posted: May 01, 2015
Coyote Face Pet Harness

I don't know whether that cat looks more pissed that someone put a harness on him or that the face of the coyote he just gutted and ate from the inside out when it tried to swallow him whole is still stuck to it.

From forth the creative loins of Savage Punk, the people who brought us Cat Battle Armor, comes this next masterpiece in pet fashion, the bluntly named Coyote Face pet harness.

Pictured on an irate cat, but suitable for a small dog too, the Coyote Face harness marries leather straps and brass hardware with the extracted fur head (plus some sinew!) of America's favorite--and by favorite I mean not really very highly regarded at all--wild canid. If you think the piece is weird and kind of unsettling, then that makes two of us. But if you think it's cruel and distasteful, think of it this way: one more pug waddling and snorting around town in a Coyote Face harness means one less coyote face to chow down on a pug waddling and snorting around the back yard.

Savage Punk's harnesses include a brass d-ring for clipping the Coyote Face to your pet's leash. They are made to order, and fitted to the intended animal's size. The company notes they are also "open to using other faces (as weird as that sounds)."

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