Catnip Joints

Posted: October 02, 2014
Vapor Trails Catnip Joints
$15 - $19
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Legal in all 50 states! Though I'm pretty sure Catnip Joints are the inverse of marijuana joints. In the sense that all the cats I've ever seen lie around and sleep all day, pausing only to look at you with complete disinterest and excruciatingly slow blinks, until they get their paws on some catnip. Then they're darting and rolling and hopping all over the living room like an epileptic monkey on hot coals. Me, that's what I'm like if I haven't smoked a joint.

Which is why my mama always makes sure to set one out next to my bowl of Lucky Charms in the morning. Thanks, Mama.

Catnip Joints...for recreational use...deliver a 100% premium catnip buzz. Their hand-rolled and sealed cloth wrappers contain no fillers, only pure leaves and buds. Choose from sets of 5, a Three Joint Nirvana Gift Set (includes a stash bag, refresher catnip, and 3 joints), Rainbow Joints, and Vapor Trails Catnip Joints, complete with feathery tails of smoke wafting from their ends.

Catnip Joints are a top Dude Gift for the Pet Lover pick.

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