Catios - Cat Patios

Posted: June 11, 2019
Catios - Cat Patios

Catio Spaces can get all cute 'n' clever and call it a "Catio" (which, I admit, is cute 'n' clever) but at their heart, these DIY and custom-built cat patios are really just big cages, right? Nice cages. Cages that allow your kitty to experience fresh, outdoor air, and enjoy all of nature's stimuli (plus maybe a few rounds of Catio stimuli when they lunge for a bird or squirrel outside their blockade and get a face full of wire mesh.) Cages that are maybe better than the giant cage you call your house or apartment the cats would be locked in otherwise.

Catios allow cat owners to provide their feline friends with at least part of the outdoor experience they crave, without having to worry about their safety, or what they might drag home this time.

Catio Spaces offers Catio plans to cat owners who are into the DIY; at printing they were priced at $39.95 to $69.95. If you live in the Greater Seattle area, Catio Spaces will also pounce on the opportunity to build a custom Catio for you. They take care of the design and construction for various outdoor spaces, including off windows, on patios and decks, or out in the yard.

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