Cat Hamster Wheel

Posted: December 24, 2012
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In a way I hate the idea of the Toy-Go-Round cat hamster wheel because really the only kinds of cats I like are the lazy fat ones that look as if they might go into cardiac arrest if they even stood up. But in another way, look at that cat running on a hamster wheel in the video! It's almost like it realizes it's getting played and looks like a complete fool and everyone (definitely me) is laughing at it, but it just...can't...stop. Cap it all off with "Eye of the Tiger" pumping in the background, and you get a pet exercise wheel that's pure, raw money.

Well, that's what it costs anyway. Cat Wheel Company has a lengthy list of benefits for felines using their Toy-Go-Round, and for the wheel's steep $350 price tag, I can only hope at least half of them are valid. Here's the spin:

  • The Toy-Go-Round dramatically reduces bad cat behavior resulting from boredom. [Please say this includes peeing on things. I can't think of a substance on earth more vile and noxious and able to make me wish I had no sense of smell like this guy Stan I know than cat pee.]
  • The Toy-Go-Round keeps cats fit and healthy by offering a unique opportunity for indoor exercise. [Yeahhh, but so does this, and it costs less than $20.]
  • The Toy-Go-Round diminishes feline aggressiveness. [If this is true, sold. Cats are some mean mothers.]
  • The Toy-Go-Round helps cats sleep better at night. [But will it help them sleep better somewhere besides on my face?]
  • The Toy-Go-Round curbs appetite. [Again, I don't consider this a benefit.]
  • The Toy-Go-Round will curb kitties' desires to escape your household. [I understand not beating them and/or dressing them up like princesses and making them partake in tea parties accomplishes this too.]
  • The Toy-Go-Round alleviates destructive scratching. [My arms and face appreciate that.]
  • The Toy-Go-Round hinders compulsive behaviors. [By replacing them with a different one.]

Cat hamster wheels are made from strong, but lightweight, recycled plastic and support cats up to 50 pounds. Holy crap, can someone please send me a picture of a 50-pound cat? They measure 43" in diameter and have a 10" wide running tread (tread pads included). Smooth spinning occurs on a dual ball bearing axle. The Toy-Go-Rounds come in solid black; the sweet tiger marking stickers will run you an additional $10.

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