Cat Drinking Fountain

Posted: July 19, 2014
Cat Drinking Fountain

As a frame of reference, I looked up how much it would cost to purchase a normal drinking fountain. Like, for a human. Under $400 from Amazon. So why would you spend $1,250 for a custom-made miniature wood drinking fountain for your cat? Uh...because if you're even reading this you're obviously a crazy cat lady? Or the deep-pocketed dude at the beck and call of a crazy cat lady? Or you've got 11 cats and regularly have your sanity called into question, but you also regularly get mistaken for Brooklyn Decker, and therefore somehow escape the "crazy cat" modifiers, and are just a lady in dire need of a drinking fountain for Snuggles and Bubbles and Peaches and Gizmo and....

In all fairness, any mechanical object that connects to a home's plumbing system and is handmade almost entirely of wood by two individuals--in this case Mike and Megan of CatastrophiCreations--would probably cost a pretty penny. The feline-sized fountain is stained a bluish-gray and then sanded to effect the look of a real, but abnormal, normal drinking fountain. A bizarro drinking fountain, if you will, that demands a double take for its shrunken size and low-level mounting on the wall. And also for the fact that a cat is depressing its "Push" button and sucking up the arcing water.

Other than the aforementioned wood structure, cat drinking fountain components consist of no more than 7 screws and a water pump. Even the drain and "Push" buttons along its front are burned wood. The entire fountain has been covered in a food-safe epoxy (also used to build aquariums) for waterproofing.

The cat drinking fountain is a top Dude Gift for the Pet Lover pick.

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