Cat Cool Pot Bed Pet Cooling Tray

Posted: May 27, 2017
Cat Cool Pot Bed Pet Cooling Tray
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Japan Trend Shop says the Cat Cool Pot Bed "functions as both a pet bed and as fun decoration to make your cat look cute." I thought they were going to say the dish made from "cooling aluminum" functions as both a cat bed and a cat cake pan (cat-shaped cake pan, not for cakes made of cats, of course) because that's about what it looks like to me. Aside from the pointy ears there's nothing about this bed that doesn't make me think it could turn out a fine double chocolate 3-layer cake.

Which also leads me to believe if you want to give your kitty a place to cool off this summer, you could probably just stick a 12" round pan in the freezer for 15 minutes, tape on some furry ears when it comes out, and save yourself the $90 they want for the Cat Cool Pot.

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