Transparent Sticky Notes

Posted: August 22, 2022
Transparent Sticky Notes
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I've been typing for so long now that using a pen to make handwriting makes me feel like I have some sort of palsy in my arm, so I don't think these transparent sticky notes are for the likes of me. Or, for that matter, anyone younger than I am, which includes the majority of the back-to-school crowd who might actually need transparent sticky notes to highlight, underline, and make notes in books they don't want to mar with ink.

But, I mean, if you need a gift for Dad who's going back to school, or taking a random college class because, in a very dad-like way, he thinks it's fun, a pack of transparent sticky notes is a great idea! Pranking your mama into thinking you left a Sharpie message that you fixed her toilet directly on her refrigerator door could be fun too.

This set of transparent sticky includes four 3" square pads with 50 sheets each.

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