Privacy Pop Nap Tent

Posted: May 30, 2020
Privacy Pop Nap Tent
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On the one hand I'm not sure how often I'll want to take advantage of the Privacy Pop Nap Tent's enthusiastic offer to "Nap anywhere!" in our virus-laden world, but on the other, this tent is a fully enclosed shelter for my upper body. If the Grog takes over and I do need a quick snooze, or if I just want to wear a face mask over my entire head, neck, and shoulders to block myself off from the from all the germ carriers I'll face when I eventually fly or go into an IRL meeting at work again, the Privacy Pop Nap Tent should give me some solid coverage.

And also hide the fact that I'm sleeping through another presentation.

Your Privacy Pop Nap Tent/hazmat-style sleep protection sets up on any flat surface, or - Privacy Pop's wild card suggestion - in your bed where your pillow would go for some total sensory separation from the elements, your house, and your bedmate. Wonder if it blocks out the smell of wife's farts....

Nap Tent dimensions are 19"L x 25" W x 17" H when popped up. Collapsed into its included carrying bag, the privacy provided has a 13" diameter and 1" thickness.

If you like the idea of some privacy in bed, but want to include the person sharing it with you, check out Privacy Pop's Bed Tents.

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