mPosition Mobile Workstation

Posted: August 24, 2017
mPosition Mobile Workstation

Would making spreadsheets, dialing in to meetings, and replying to 979 emails per day be less excruciating if you could do it from a desk chair that could double as the pilot's seat on Musk's first spaceship to Mars? Eh. Unlikely. But at least snuggled into an mPosition you'll be seated half-reclined, in the most physiologically ideal position for your spine, with countless chair adjustment possibilities to promote blood circulation and body oxygenation throughout your still excruciating work day.

Designed for home or office use, the mPosition is a mobile workstation complete, from headrest to footrest, with a full-body ergonomic design, and an integrated adjustable computer pad. The chair's designers created it in accordance with data they say shows, "From among all positions possible, the best one is the half-sitting one, with the angle between the spine and the thigh bone being about 135 degrees." Half-seated, or rather, partially reclined in the mPosition, you'll still have unhindered, comfortable access to your laptop and keyboard and, if the data is correct, be able to work for long periods of time without losing focus or getting stiff and cranky.

mPosition adjustment levers are all accessible while you're seated, even in the most reclined position. As with most high-end desk chairs you can tweak just about every chair-acteristic, including chair height, seat depth, armrest height and forward / back position, and lower back support height and depth.

The mPosition is quite an Emperor 1510 caliber of workstation, but it's still not too shabby of a gift for the office.

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