Miniature Tabletop Desktop Warfare Kit

Posted: February 04, 2018
Miniature Tabletop Desktop Warfare Kit
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This Ballista Kit, based on the artillery weapon design used by the Roman Empire, will enjoy a loooong career in desktop warfare at my office. But I'm also thinking of rolling the little wooden crossbow onto the tabletop as a twist to my Super Bowl prefunk beer pong game. Out with the plastic balls, in with the lightweight wooden dowel projectiles!

The Ballista Kit comes with all 28 pieces needed to build the tabletop shooter (you'll need to supply the wood glue.) Pieces are laser cut from hardwood, and interlock to assemble. When finished, the ballista stands 8" tall x 4" wide x 6" deep, and can fire its payload over 30', or about from my desk to the left ear of the dude who gave me this paperweight as a Secret Santa gift last year.

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