Computer Rear-View Mirror

Posted: March 21, 2019
Computer Rear-View Mirror
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Spied on, sneaked up upon, and pranked no more! This rear-view mirror for your computer or cubicle clips on to a monitor to provide a bird's eye view of all the shenanigans going on behind your back. Because you can't just leave the live feed of the micro cameras you've planted around your desk (fine, the whole office) running on your desktop the whole day, and you're still liable to miss a Toothpick Crossbow aiming to fire relying on sneak peaks at your phone every few minutes

Plus, the computer rear-view mirror won't just provide an effective warning that your boss is coming over so you should probably close the Reddit tab, it will also make you look adorably low-tech! A must-have gift for the office.

And don't think I haven't thought of how to put a who's-comin'-up-behind-me mirror to good use at home too. Two words: Wife. Porn.

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