Target: Joffrey Baratheon Poster

Posted: September 15, 2012
Target: Joffrey Baratheon Poster
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About. Damn. Time. I hate this little prick. I could throw darts at Joffrey Baratheon's face all day long. I mean, I could shoot at it too, but my aim isn't so hot, and it would be a bummer to miss and hit someone I don't consider to be a little prick. 604 Republic's full-color target practice poster of Game of Thrones' evil, whiny, sadistic twat of king measures 12-1/2" x 18-1/2", and--to be ironic given the subject matter--is printed in environmentally-friendly vegetable soy-based inks. The $7 price tag almost demands purchase by the dozen. Or at least by the 10, so you'll have one to provide projectile-themed catharsis during each of Season 3's GoT episodes.

For some extra flair--and just a measly $30,000 more--chuck things at the Joffrey Baratheon target from the comfort of your very own Iron Throne.

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