Reloadable Confetti High Fives

Posted: April 03, 2014
Reloadable Confetti High-Fives

Did you know that National High Five Day is just 2 weeks away? Wait, let me back up. Did you know there exists such a thing as National High Five Day? It's the third Thursday of every April, or for our purposes, April 17, 2014. Better get your FiestaFive order in now. Because what better way to celebrate National High Five Day than with a reloadable confetti high five kit? And for that matter, what better way to celebrate your team's big win, New Year's, your wedding, the best zing! you've ever delivered, your story of having sex with a chick dressed as Jasmine deep within the infrastructure of the Jungle Cruise (in complete silence! She didn't speak or break character once!), or every Thursday of every month than with a reloadable confetti high-five kit?

FiestaFive is committed to commandeering The Perfect High Five. Precise, satisfying, and explosive upon impact. Their confetti high-fives produce a thunderclap of sound effects and a downpour of (biodegradable) Roy G Biv paper during each and every encounter. The confetti blast's fuel is even reloadable with new cartridges to support an indefinite number of palm-pounding celebratory acts.

For those concerned the fist bump's aggressive efforts to supplant the high five are finally cracking its foundation, this FiestaFive could be the weapon you need to help lead your beloved incumbent's resurgence. If nothing else, owning one will probably earn you some style points when you win your softball playoffs, or the next time Facebook buys your company for $2 billion.

Reloadable confetti high fives are a Dude Gift for Kids, Gift for Teens, and Gift for a Party pick.

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