Finger Breakdancing Kit

Posted: January 05, 2019
Finger Breakdancing Kit
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Get fit in 2019 with Finger Breakdancing. They say it's easy on the joints, fun for the whole family, and requires coordination only from the knuckles down. Bust out the cardboard - oh, wait, it's included in the Finger Breakdancing Kit - and get ready to teach Tallman how to do the worm!

The Finger Breakdancing Kit comes with a pair of mini sneakers for your fingertips, the aforementioned mat, an instructional booklet (like you need it!) and - cue up the Run DMC - a mini boombox that really plays the beats.

the Finger Breakdancing Kit might not technically be from the 80s, but I think this nod to breakin', poppin', and lockin' could qualify as one of the new best 80s toys you can still buy.

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