Double-Sided Quarter

Posted: March 22, 2021
Double-Sided Quarter
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The people who make these double-sided quarters repeatedly refer to it as "real," and I can't really...oh boy, this line is so applicable!...make heads or tails of what they mean by that. What real quarter has both sides the same? Are they actually intending to say, "realistic" quarter? "Real counterfeit" quarter? "Real" shady way to trick your friends and get what you want?

I'm gonna go with, all of those. The last one being the real and really good reason I want a double-sided quarter for myself.

The double heads coin for my wife: OK, honey, let's flip a coin. Heads we have sex, tails we watch your interior design show.

The double tails coin for my mama: OK, Mama, let's flip a coin. Heads I rake and mow your lawn and weed the yard, tails you serve me crustless sandwiches and pie while I lie on the couch and rewatch The Mandalorian.

A fun novelty gift or party trick, double-sided quarters come in packs of two so you can switch up your double-sided shenanigans with heads and tails.

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