Darth Vader Rubber Floor Mats

Posted: July 26, 2013
Darth Vader Rubber Floor Mats
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Heh, heh, Vader, I'm gonna step on your face. Make you lick my boots. Defile your image with mud and, if we're both unlucky, dog shit. Rub...hey, wait. I like Darth Vader. He repented in the end like a good Catholic, so why does he have to be the floor mat? A stormtrooper would be the more logical choice given the ease with which their uniforms lend themselves to rubber adaptations. And why does Chewie get only the flattering merchandise, like talking plush toys and reversible hoodies? I vote for some furry Chewie vehicle floor decor for wiping my feet and protecting my interior carpeting from the elements.

Ah well, what we have is mat-ified Vader in an officially licensed set of 4 Star Wars floor covers, suitable for most all 4-wheeled vehicles and the space under your desk and your dog's kennel and maybe your baby's changing table. Approximate dimensions are 27" long x 17" wide for the larger and 14" long x 16" wide for the smaller mats.

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