Nintendo Lighters

Posted: August 22, 2017
Nintendo Lighters

Are you going to fire up the NES or ignite the Game Boy tonight? These Nintendo-themed lighters have all your old school flame-flicking needs covered. I wonder if they also come with a means of converting flame to fireball for Mario cosplay and Halloween costumes.

Leaf Lock Gear's "Controller" and "Portable Video Game" releases are linse lighters, designed both to bring on the nostalgia and prevent the nostalgic from burning their thumbs during use. Linse lighters have built-in adjustable nozzles that tilt from 0 to 45 to 90 degrees to direct the flame away from your thumb as you tilt the lighter to light a candle, pipe, cigar, cigarette, or...other stuff. Leaf Lock Gear specifically notes, "These lighters are great for use with glass."

The Nintendo lighters have push button ignitions and are shown here as a 2-pack. If you'd rather chill than light up with your childhood gaming systems, check out the FreezerBoy Game Boy refrigerator magnets instead.

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