Oraolo Neckband Bluetooth Speakers

Posted: October 30, 2019
Oraolo Neckband Bluetooth Speakers
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More neck speakers? Oraolo's Neckband Bluetooth Speakers are the second neck speakers I've seen in the past 2 months. They must be the new hot neck trend. Taking over for neckties. Necklaces. Turtlenecks. Neck beards.

Next (Necked?) to the other pair of neck speakers I know, the Soundwear Companion wearable speaker from Bose, Oraolo's Neckband is certainly the more affordable option, especially for anyone looking for a gift for a teen who grows board of tech quickly, or a gift for a dad who fumbles around and breaks it just as fast.

The Oraolo Neckband is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that claims to deliver 3D theater-quality stereo sound with its built-in 3W*2 speaker system. The unit is built with the speaker units facing up, pumping dBs into your face but no one else's, for a "truly unique and immersive sound experience."

For hands-free listening and speaking during activities ranging from walking to biking, cooking to talking to your mother-in-law while feeding the baby, the Neckband speakers are designed for all-day wear and comfort. They are also IXP5 waterproof for outdoor and sweaty use.

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