Cybertech T-RON Guitar

Posted: August 05, 2012
Cybertech T-RON Guitar
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The street legal version is cool and all, but for the musicians out there, how about a 6-string Light Cycle blasting a blue inferno as it travels at the speed of sound? The Cybertech T-RON, another stunning piece of hand-forged functional art from Hutchinson Guitar Concepts, boasts a "living circuit" theme across its body that Hutchinson achieved with an embedded maze of blazing #0033cc hex color light pipe.

For analog warmth, Hutchinson fitted the T-RON with a pair of Gibson humbuckers and a recessed XY Midipad. Sound is further augmented by an onboard Ghose MIDI interface system, which grants players' fingertips a Santa Claus sack of tones and effects. To ensure stable tuning and adequate sustain, locking tuners complementing a custom-made, solid brass through-body string retainer also decorate the retro-futuristic beast. Dude, can you imagine how "Freebird" or Marty McFly's rendition of "Johnny B. Goode" would sound on this axe?

Completing the you-have-a-little-drool-there-on-your-chin look is high-gloss paintwork that has been evenly worn by hand to produce a finely textured surface for best showcasing the lighting system. In all, Cybertech T-RON production takes 335 hours. That's like, um, more than twelve, 24-hour days, which is the most multiplication/addition I can do in my head. Given this magnitude of input and devotion, it's not surprising that the electric guitar currently has a waitlist of 9 months, with anticipated delivery dates beginning in July 2013.

Muchas Danke to DamnGeeky.

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