Keybrid Key & Keyring in One

Posted: September 19, 2023
Keybrid Key & Keyring in One
$11.25 - $15
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The Keybrid is an award-winning nod to organization, minimalism, dang cool design, and people who find themselves fumbling through a keychain the size of a jailer's every time they want to unlock their front door. Scott Amron's key and keyring combo attaches a key blank you can have cut to fit your most used / most loved lock to the back edge of a traditional split ring you can still use to corral your secondary keys, plus your fobs and keychain-ready pieces of EDC. (I highly recommend a Glow Rhino tritium pry bar and a RovyVon flashlight.)

In addition to helping you find your house key fast, even in the dark, even when your hands are full, and even when you're 5 tequila shots and an ill-advised nip of brandy in, Amron notes the Keybrid is also fun to fidget with, and makes a great housewarming gift.

The Keybrid comes in KW1 and SC1 key blank styles.

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