Glow Rhino Tritium EDC Gear

Posted: September 03, 2020
Glow Rhino Tritium EDC Gear
$39.99 - $49.99
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Sure, Glow Rhino's tritium-studded tools will add some swagger to your EDC. But when things go dark, and the self-powered light source kicks in to glow neon bright as a beacon to your keys, your beer cap, your roaming dog, it's Glow Rhino's value as ENC that will truly shine.

We've seen a lot of tritium products around here, and Glow Rhino's dealings in everyone's favorite radioactive isotope of hydrogen aren't just equals or betters to them all, they've likely been around much longer too. Based in Detroit, Glow Rhino has been working with tritium for over 30 years. Legally even! The company's shop offerings - at printing, a Glow Fob and Pry Bar, with more to come - reflect as much, with EDC pieces boasting solid construction, elegant industrial aesthetics, and striking integrations of tritium vials and lamps. And I'm not just blowing radioluminescence here; I have both the Glow Fob and the Pry Bar, and give them 1 proton and 2 neutrons up.

The Glow Fob features a cylindrical tritium lamp inside a CNC machined stainless steel cage coated in black nitride. Add it to your keychain to shed a little light, as well as give you instant access to the fob's glass breaker tip.

The Glow Rhino Pry Bar is made of titanium, with a rectangular tritium insert embedded in its business end. In addition to using it for prying (go back to work, Karen, not that kind of prying) the bar serves as a bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, and scoring tool.

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