Unzipped Flesh Kit

Posted: October 24, 2012
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One way to make others jump out of their skin is to jump out of yours. This Unzipped Flesh look requires some legwork and talent to pull off, but look at the striking levels of gruesomeness and morbidity one can achieve from the effort. Horrific, zombified Princess Leia up there aside, the zippered mugs actually look sort of artistic and alluring. Fine, I'll say it. The sad blonde zombie and the blue tribal zombie with the bloody noses and lips are hot. I'd like the Asian girl unzipping her eyeball too, except I think I've seen that happen for real at a gentlemen's club in Bangkok.

Unzipped Flesh looks complement any zombie, monster, android, or Cameron Diaz costume (because you know that chick is some kind of undead alien succubus) and almost guarantee ensuing Halloween debauchery. The kit includes a zipper, bloody scab makeup, spirit gum and gum remover, and applicators. A supplemental tray is filled with black and white cream makeup. Detailed written instructions explain how to apply and remove the skin peeling apparatus, but for people like me who have transcended above reading in this screen-gazing day and age, an Unzipped Zipper Face YouTube video will give you the play by play as well.

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