Star Wars Bantha Dog Costume

Posted: September 20, 2014
Star Wars Bantha Dog Costume
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Even though the Shetland Sheepdog wearing this Bantha dog costume looks paralyzed with fear and has his tail planted so firmly between his legs it's probably corking his bunghole, I'm pretty sure he likes it. Right, Gingerbread? Yeah. It's taking every fiber of his canine being not to start barking and running in circles of joy at the great honor of carting around a stuffed Tusken and making George Lucas a few bucks richer in this officially licensed piece of Star Wars gear.

Dog owners, you're probably feeling pretty joyous right now yourselves. Knowing that instead of settling for a mere Australian Cattle Dog at Halloween this year you'll be able to transform him into an 8,000-pound horned beast that still heels on a leash and shakes on command. And I think it goes without saying that the indigenous peoples of Tatooine are chick magnets, so Fido-meets-bantha will pretty much help you score across the board.

Dogs schlepping Tuskens instead of mailmen this year will wear a bantha jacket with the attached rider, plus a horned headpiece. One size fits most medium dogs with about a 15" neck-to-tail length and 17" gut girth.

The Bantha Dog Costume is a top Dude Gift for the Pet Lover and Gift for Halloween pick.

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