Melting Mandle Zombie Candle

Posted: October 14, 2014
Zombie Candles
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Who to thank for the Incredible Melting Mandles? Their maniacal waxen faces dripping like blood-soaked flesh and pooling into amoebic nothingness when held to a flame? According to Etsy shop Stexe, "skilled US labor." And they say the Age of America is over.

No Halloween dinner party, haunted house, or ploy to set the mood for sexy time is complete without a row of cloned zombies on fire and melting before your eyes. Each candle is cast in wax and hand-painted to a level of creepiness that simultaneously makes me want to preserve its artistry forever and burn it immediately so "Vital organs eaten by Mandle during afternoon nap" won't appear on my death report.

Once ignited, flames should take about 3 hours to decompose the zombified Mandles. But according to Stexe, the fun doesn't end there: "Afterwards you get a solidified pool of viscera for your keepsake box."

Incredible Melting Mandles, version zombie, stand around 5" tall. Click on the video link in the gallery above to see a recording burning.

The Melting Mandle zombie candle is a top Dude Gift for Halloween pick.

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