Levitating 3D Skull Light

Posted: September 08, 2019
Magnetic Levitating 3D Skull Light

Allow me to float by you this idea for Halloween decor. The levitating 3D skull light makes terrific use of the magnet-controlled floating object design tech boys and girls have perfected over the past couple years, almost to the point of ubiquity. Just last month we saw the treatment applied to sneaker, with the Hypelev levitating display stand.

But a creepy skull that, even better, rotates ominously and glows red from the inside out, keeps this levitation trend relevant. At least during everyone's favorite spooky time of the year, and in the weeks leading up to it when the Halloween swag stockpiling begins.

The magnetic levitating 3D skull light sits on a black base that itself emits light too - in purply blue to complement the skull's own hot ember red. Both lights are touch controlled with on / off buttons in the base.

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